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Honesty Pragmatism Creative Proficiency

Honesty: Be honest and keep its¡¯ words to persons, things and enterprise. Deeds accord with words, do not self-cheated or cheat others. Employees should devoted to their company and company should be also faithful to its¡¯ customers and employees.

Pragmatism: Working with actual, to tell the truth, to perform actual deeds, wholeheartedly, to make ull efforts and carefulness, hardheaded.

Creative: Be brave in pioneering and creative, encourage invention, apply idealism creative to push the creation of technology, products, management, system and other items.

Proficiency: To be particular about efficient and effective, improve company¡¯s capacity both in the market and cope with complex situation, together with continuous improvement, try all efforts to reach high working efficiency, excellent economic results and rapid development.

Combine ¡°Honesty, Pragmatism, Creative and Proficiency¡± together can fully display a company¡¯ great ideas and assertions, of which based on people-oriented principle, pay attention to working efficiency, brave to innovation and activate fast development, at the same time it also shows all employee¡¯s expectations, and it will be a company ideal which can be encourage employees to toward a bright.

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